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Share Ownership Analysis & Investor Relations

Orient Capital is the Link Group's investor relations business, assisting companies maximise the value of being listed entities.

Orient Capital is a global leader in share ownership analysis, equity market intelligence, investor communication and shareholder management technology for listed companies.

miraqle, Orient Capital's unique web application, is the desktop investor relations solution of choice for over 1,000 listed companies in Africa, Australasia, Asia, UK and Europe. Acclaimed for its intuitive design and integrated functionality, it comprises a constantly evolving series of modular products – each designed to assist companies to efficiently and accurately identify, profile, track, manage, target and communicate with investors, potential investors and the wider investment community. The core modules within miraqle are:

  • shares - trading data
  • sharetrak – share ownership intelligence
  • sharecom – market communications activity
  • sharedeal – management of corporate actions (proxies, takeovers, capital raisings)
  • sharepac – centralised reporting

Orient Capital is the established market leader in the provision of investor analytics and investor communication solutions to issuers and their advisors during corporate actions.

Whether it is proxy solicitation for an extraordinary or general meeting, acceptance chasing during a takeover or critical intelligence on your shareholders to support a capital raising, we have the experience and commitment to deliver the required outcomes.

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For more information on Orient Capital please visit or contact Orient Capital on or on +27 11 713 0899

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